Why choose Bloqs to build your website?


We want to make that an easy question to answer. It begins with our people. We call them BloqHeads. They are not only the best in the business, they are:


Our BloqHeads are genuinely nice people. We hire people we enjoy working with and who are not only technically skilled but relationally healthy. That translates to a warm group of people you will enjoy working with too. No supersized egos here. We recognize that the customer comes first.


Our BloqHeads are wicked smart, but not know-it-all, annoying smart. They love to solve complex problems and help our customers succeed. Competent smart = cool smart.



Our BloqHeads are artistic, organized, and full of ideas. Generally, they go overboard with ideas on your behalf. Let them loose, and they will blow you away.


Over 80% of our BloqHeads have been with us for more than 10 years! Over the last 20 years, we have worked hard to create a balance between work and family. In fact, we received an award as one of the top companies to work for in the U.S.


We Speak Your Language

When our BloqHeads communicate with customers, we use language easily understood by everyone in the project. We won’t overwhelm a customer with technical jargon or speak hyperbole. We love to have our customers partner with us in the success of their project. That means we communicate often and with transparency. Oh yeah, we also have fluent French and Spanish-speaking BloqHeads; they literally speak your language.

We Set Measurable Goals

We have specialists to not only create a website, but actually figure out the objectives for the website, how to measure success, and give unfiltered advice to make sure your website fuels your business goals.

We Offer Great Value

We get it. You have a marketing budget, and we need to work within it. The great thing is that we offer a set project fee. There is no uncomfortable haggling or deceptive pricing. You simply pay for the features you use.

We Build Great Things

We will build and maintain an engaging website that looks sharp, meets your organization’s needs, and is mobile friendly. During the entire process, our BloqHeads will keep you in the loop and communicate clearly. The best part is that we own all the software powering the website. If technical support is needed, you will chat with a team that not only understands the technology, but can also solve problems quickly. 

We Obsess About Customer Service

We understand our clients are the life-blood of our organization. We are not funded by venture capitalists. We own and operate our company. That means we cannot afford to turn customer service into a cliché. One hundred percent satisfaction is our relationship goal with each customer. We offer free unlimited technical support and training. We also offer advanced seminars to extend the reach and impact of your website. We love our customers and strive to answer every question with a smile.