Heaven Sent Fried Chicken

 BLOQS: web design, brand development, digital signage, advertising, product photography

Ezell Stephens had the raw materials for a great brand: A story, an amazing product, and a superstar endorsement. But just as the right ingredients have to be put together for the perfect meal, the right insights and game plan has to come together for a long-term winning brand strategy.

The Bloqs team heard Ezell’s story of persistence and drive, then created a strategy to take the Heaven Sent brand to the next level, both in terms of branding and vision-casting for expansion.

We refreshed the brand and created a website that matched the updated message. Even a company with a great product and reputation fails to thrive with inconsistent branding and messaging.
Heaven Sent got an unexpected boost when Oprah Winfrey visited Seattle. She asked a staffer at a local television station where she could get good fried chicken. The response was immediate"Ezell makes the best fried chicken in town." After ordering it one night, she wanted it again the second night.

Later, Oprah wanted chicken for her 40th birthday. After her assistant reached out to Ezell, he promised to make it. He packed it into an overnight bag and flew to Chicago where he delivered the chicken to Oprah. News of the event drove sales.
But with higher sales come scaling issues. With inquiries coming in from across the country, both from hungry consumers and those interested in the brand, the site had to be ‘A game.’

We took on the challenge and love the results of our partnership with Ezell and Heaven Sent.

Who we are:
Our tagline is: “We build websites so you don’t have to.” But we do much more. We make it a point to understand our clients’ business, their goals and needs. Then we use our proprietary in-house software to design and develop a beautiful and functional website (and branding system, if needed) to meet these goals.

Accent Spa & Stove

 BLOQS: web design, brand development, content development

Accent Stove, Spas, and Grills is a successful retailer in Spokane, Washington. When we partnered with them, we saw them as more than a retailer of outdoor appliances. We saw them as a lifestyle brand. Together, we created a website that portrayed a clean, professional look and feel that conjured up the kind of positive experiences someone could expect from visiting Accent Spas.
They knew how to sell high quality products at a fair price. They also had plenty of positive reviews on what they sold and how they sold it. But quality products and even great service don’t always scale when online companies and competition turn those products into commodities.

Many companies focus exclusively on sales, profits, and customer service. These are really important components of a business. But helping customers envision their lives-in this case more relaxed and sociable lives-can draw them in faster than discounts or sales appeals.
Additionally, we embed SEO magic into our websites. Accent Spas shows up prominently on the internet not only because of their presence in the community, but because we know how to make sure our customers’ websites get noticed online.

We love working with companies that get the big picture, and our team takes care of creating the public face of those businesses so they can focus on doing what they do best.

Continental Theological Seminary

 BLOQS: web design, content collaboration, dual language launch

Continental Theological Seminary is the largest seminary in Europe. They are an international center for higher education in Europe with students from many nations and an international staff of professors and administrators as well.
Continental Theological Seminary needed a website that visitors from all over the world could access and understand.  Working with CTS required us to think globally.
We built a full English and French version of the website. Site visitors can view media or listen to presentations from the campus. There is also a donate feature and other billing, fees, and currencies that were a bit more challenging than for a U.S.-based organization. Since we have clients from around the world, we are proficient at creating country-specific solutions.

Increasingly, we live in an international marketplace. Continental Theological Seminary’s online presence needed to accommodate visitors, applicants, and donors from various countries. Their international approach was a good fit for the Bloqs team. It’s a big world, but every company or brand wants to express itself in a unique way.

World Vision Kits

 BLOQS: web design, online ordering system, video / animation

World Vision is one of the largest relief organizations in the world. What began with one man’s vision to help a hungry child in the 1950’s is now a worldwide agency that provides life-saving services to more than four million children in nearly 100 countries.
World Vision offers hands-on experiences that allow groups to help others through customized kits. These include
hygiene kits, school tools, women’s hope kits, international hygiene kits, and promise packs. Whether someone wants to help a child in a U.S. school or provide a hygiene kit to someone in a developing country, kits are country specific. They are also put together for specific humanitarian crises.
We helped World Vision define a new website and online ordering process for the kits at kits.worldvision.org. The ordering process for the kits involved creating an online sign-up with a form that allows donors to create an event to put kits together. Then an invoice is created, logistical packages are sent, and kits delivered. What could be a complicated process had to be simple and straightforward for big-hearted volunteers looking to make a difference.
World Vision has a life and death mission. Our work with them is designed to make it easier to get involved in responding to others in crisis. It’s a mission Bloqs is comfortable with since our primary mission is to serve our customers so they can focus on doing what they do best. In this case, saving lives is what World Vision does best, and we empower them to do just that.