Our Team:

We have a village of nerds, that we affectionately call BloqHeads!

It takes over 20 separate skills to produce, design, program, and maintain an engaging website. We have teams with all of these skills ranging from technical to creative; we call them BloqHeads.

Our BloqHeads work with you to discover what makes your business special, and we learn about the significant services you provide for your customers. We do care, and it makes a big difference in the outcome of your site. We look at every project as a partnership to meet your organization’s goals. Armed with this knowledge, our team will craft a site that is both appealing and effective.

THE MOST IMPORTANT BLOQHEAD  (we do have favorites :)


Every site is assigned a Site Director. This is your primary contact during the building of your website and after it is up and running. This expert member of our staff will be an advocate for you, a cheerleader for your site, a critic, counselor, and friend. Your Site Director will show you the progress being made on your website as it is being built.   You will always feel you have the inside track on the building and maintenance of your site.

Meet the BloqHeads
These specialists make sure your experience is amazing, efficient, and most importantly, fun. 
Site Director
This BloqHead is the glue between our clients and our internal BloqHeads. Anytime you have a question, our Site Director will be able to get the answers for you. 
Design Director
All sites start with a great site design, UX design and site map. Our Site Design Manger will make sure all clients have a great understanding of how your website will look and how interactions will happen.
Launch Director
When your site is ready for launch, our Launch Director gets ready for lift off and works with their team of testers, configurators and engineers to confirm a smooth launch.
IT Director
Every site has tens of thousands of lines of code, and the IT Director treats them all like his children. This BloqHead works with the hardware, software and security to make sure your site is always up-to-date and secure.

Your position and story on the internet is only sold with a design that matches your brand and talks directly to your targeted audience. Our designers will make that a reality.
This digital horder will collect, store and review all of the content for your website. No word, picture or video will  be safe.

Our search engineers continually monitor your website for optimal positioning on all major search engines.

We take your brand and all extensions of it seriously. Our Brand Manager will ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and SnapChat are all familiar to our social team. Your voice will be heard throughout social channels.
Your voice needs to be heard at full volume on the internet. Our writers will put the right words with the right stories to expand your brand.
Content Entry
Our experienced team of data entry personel will enter your content, spell check it and make sure it is placed in the correct locations.
These designers will take their lead from the design team and lay out the pages of your site.
This team makes sure your site, forms and transaction pages are all mobile friendly and ready to be used by the fastest growing audience on the web.
Our test team will make sure your site is ready on all platforms and browsers.
Our trainers love to educate our customers on how they can maintain portions of their websites themseleves.
Our processing team will help you set up the most affordable ecommerce solutions and payment options.
Our configurators make sure that your site is set up correctly, your email is associated properly and all routes are established and reliable.
Your site is checked for possible attacks 24/7 and our team continues to make our software and hardware safe from hackers.
Our Engineers LOVE to solve complex problems that make each line more valuable than the next. Latency in code is always checked and reviewed.
These guys love to make machines faster, more secure and efficient for our customers. 
Tech Support
Our dedicated Tech Support BloqHeads are always ready to help you with a friendly tone. They are available by phone, email or online chat.

Our BloqHeads Promise to:
  • We promise to only be satisfied when our customer is satisfied
  • We promise to live out our company mission and values with integrity
  • We promise to be transparent with our customers in all situations
  • And most importantly, we promise to do our best