Our Team:

We have a village of nerds, that we affectionately call BloqHeads!

It takes over 20 separate skills to produce, design, program, and maintain an engaging website. We have teams with all of these skills ranging from technical to creative; we call them BloqHeads.

Our BloqHeads work with you to discover what makes your business special, and we learn about the significant services you provide for your customers. We do care, and it makes a big difference in the outcome of your site. We look at every project as a partnership to meet your organization’s goals. Armed with this knowledge, our team will craft a site that is both appealing and effective.

THE MOST IMPORTANT BLOQHEAD  (we do have favorites :)


Every site is assigned a Site Director. This is your primary contact during the building of your website and after it is up and running. This expert member of our staff will be an advocate for you, a cheerleader for your site, a critic, counselor, and friend. Your Site Director will show you the progress being made on your website as it is being built.   You will always feel you have the inside track on the building and maintenance of your site.

Our BloqHeads Promise to:
  • We promise to only be satisfied when our customer is satisfied
  • We promise to live out our company mission and values with integrity
  • We promise to be transparent with our customers in all situations
  • And most importantly, we promise to do our best